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Beauty Empowerment Cultivator

Meet J. Marshay, she was born and raised in Southern California but currently resides in Houston, Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University Long Beach. She also received two Master’s degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles. She serves as a Beauty Empowerment Cultivator, and what that means is she empowers women to love their natural hair, explore their inner beauty, and find convenient ways to enhance their outer beauty; all while walking boldy and confidently in the skin they are in.

“Using the House of Mpenzi Website has been easy and convenient for me. I love the lashes. It has simplified my wake up and go morning routine.It takes me 5 minutes to put these on and I’m done and ready to go.”

Ashley Brown

“I can’t wait to try these. I want so badly to be girly and be good at hair and makeup!”

Angie Rouse

“These lashes are #blackownedbusiness, not magnetic and require no glue! If you can apply liquid eyeliner, you can apply these lashes and that’s all you need. I was skeptical at how easy this would be to put on, because I struggle with lashes especially with my eye and lid shape. Each lash can be used 15 times and they stick right to your eyeliner. If you have trouble putting on eyelashes, I strongly recommend you try her lashes!”

Lisa Simouang

"These lashes are super easy to put on! Maybe easier than my magnetic ones."

Sheronda Helton

"Loved our session, loved that you were so patient with all my questions and follow up as well. I am confident in making my IG page look much better. Thank you for your help."

Nguhi Wamwangi

What I Do

Natural Hair Expert, Instagram Guru, Beauty Empowerment Cultivator

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